LED light harms our eyes

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The French Institute for Health and Medical Research has published a study showing that the light from LED bulbs can be harmful to the eyes. The high proportion of blue light can promote age-related macular degeneration. LEDs are found today in lighting, televisions, computers, smartphones, automobiles and many other applications. One can protect one’s eyes […]

Neue Post

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An article titled “Atlas-Therapie: Blockaden lösen” has been published in 2018 in the magazine “Neue Post”. Find the article here This file is protected by copyright and may only be downloaded for private purposes. The distribution to other servers or social networks is not permitted. Sharing our Facebook or Google+ post is permitted.

Digital vision damage

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Young people (14-29 years old) spend 4.5 hours a day online! That harms the cervical spine! With a head tilt of about 15 degrees – such as when reading e-mails on the phone – about 13 kilos load on the spine. Furthermore, the high proportion of blue light of the LED screens promotes age-related macular […]

Radio-Visite on the atlas adjustment

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Titled “Cervical vertebrae: When does the Atlastherapie help?” the NDR reports on the atlas adjustement. Methods are compared and the application areas are listed. https://mediandr-a.akamaihd.net/progressive/2018/0117/AU-20180117-0848-5600.mp3 (Audio file only available in German) Source: https://www.ndr.de/info/Halswirbel-Wann-hilft-die-Atlastherapie,audio373906.html

Nina talks about Atlasprofilax

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Nina talks about her experience with the Atlasprofilax method by René-C. Schümperli. She suffered from headaches, neck and back pain. Today, after only one week, she is doing “90%” better. That makes us very happy and we would like to thank Nina for sharing this. (Video only available in German.)


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An article titled “Atlas-Therapie: So werden wir Schmerzen los” has been published in the MEINS magazine in 2015. The MEINS-Managing Editor Stephanie Gottmann was treated and describes her experience with the Atlasprofilax method. Find the article here (In German only) This file is protected by copyright and may only be downloaded for private purposes. The distribution […]

Clients after the atlas adjustment

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On the official Atlasprofilax® website clients speak about their experience with the atlas adjustment, here is one of them: “Living with a mal-rotated atlas is like limping all your life. Once the atlas is corrected, not only does your physical body get back in balance, you don’t limp anymore, but your life energy starts to […]

A healthy life

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A healthy life includes exercises, a healthy diet, avoiding stress, joy of living and we also think AtlasPROfilax, the atlas adjustment by René-C. Schümperli. Read more http://www.atlasprofilax.ch/en/ Copyright: AtlasPROfilax Deutschland