COVID-19 questioned

Before we get into the topic, we would like to point out that we take the corona virus seriously and have taken all necessary safety measures in our practice!


Nevertheless, we are concerned and our dear friend Thomas Reich had these thoughts at the same time. Thomas Reich is a coach with a very intelligent and motivating program.

Of course, he also takes the virus seriously. But we share his podcast here because, despite all the risk of infection and health risks, we question the proportionality!

https://die-reich-ethod.libsyn.com/680-sind-wir-alle-vollpfosten?fbclid=IwAR1BZF6tSaNWZh3lEqyUg1Sv3XeqofooqlNoeO3hs1ElAvdPkBKOBbyyIuE (only available in German)

Every day we receive numbers from RKI on COVID-19 infections and deaths. Why don’t we get Influenza infections and deaths every day? Why don’t we also receive daily figures from the RKI on the deceased due to multiresistent germs? I think the numbers would surprise us and the fear of Corona would be eased. A lot could be put into perspective. Without ignoring Corona, it could save our humanity and economy!

Let’s take a look at a few figures from 2017 from the Statistischen Bundesamt (www.destatis.de). In this year 932272 people died in Germany. 344,524 people died of cardiovascular diseases and 68,400 died of lung diseases. These people would have been particularly vulnerable before their death if COVID-19 had existed in 2017. That cannot be denied.

But there will also be similar numbers in 2020, so again this year around 68,000 people will die of lung diseases. How many of these people die from smoking, environmental toxins and the resulting cancer? And how many will die exclusively from Corona?
Of course, we shouldn’t ignore Corona. And of course we have to protect people with previous illnesses! We don’t have to discuss that!

But we’re not going to bring our economy to zero, because there will be at least 200,000 cancer deaths again this year. Now cancer is not contagious, but I know a woman, for example, who has been diagnosed with a multi-resistance hospital germ. This woman was back in the hospital recently. In the same hospital. She wasn’t in quarantine, she wasn’t even in a single room.

As a rule, people can no longer get rid of a multi-resistant germ. Most people with corona develop immunity. We question the knowledge and understanding.

The corona virus is a droplet infection. So why can’t people go to the golf course in pairs? The fresh air would be good for the immune system. Even in offices it would be possible to work with a reasonable ‘safety distance’! All business could continue with precautions similar to grocery stores!

We should finally see Corona for what it is. Another virus! Another way to get sick from many. But fear also makes you sick. Maybe not so quickly. But the way getting there means a lot of suffering!