Digital vision damage

Young people (14-29 years old) spend 4.5 hours a day online! That harms the cervical spine! With a head tilt of about 15 degrees – such as when reading e-mails on the phone – about 13 kilos load on the spine.

Furthermore, the high proportion of blue light of the LED screens promotes age-related macular degeneration.

Our eyes like the change between far and near vision. However, by looking at displays for a long time we force our eyes to work permanently in near vision mode. The consequence is myopia.

One speaks of computer vision syndrome (CVS), office eye syndrome and „digital Sehstress“. In addition to the eye problems, this leads to head, neck and shoulder pain.

The atlas adjustment can help. Nevertheless, a change of thinking is required.

Sources: Kuratorium Gutes Sehen e.V. and NDR