Field report

We like to thank the author: Sylva Werner

“Migraine? – Atlaspraxis!”

“Children do not have headaches!” This sentence in the year 1955 was the beginning of a longlasting martyrdom over decades. My teachers and school friends accused me as being a quitter (in Mathematics and other subjects) and a killjoy. My relatives advised me to pull myself together and doctors of various faculties accused me of simulating.

The general lack of understanding ended up in my retreat on the one hand and on the other hand it led to hide these horriable attacks of pain in front of all people – even to the ones I love. This is obviously not an appropriate way to deal with it and certainly not to get rid of it . In fact, the opposite is the case! My consumption of painkillers took on alarming proportions, as well as the expenditure on a number of alternative healing methods.

After a bad fall directly on the head in 2002 my condition got dramaticaly worse. The migraine attacks became daily. I spent astronomical sums of money on any kind of relief, however at the end I did not even believe anything would help anyway.
A good friend confronted me one day with the ability to get my atlas, the first cervical vertebra, adjusted. I hurried to get an appointment and the three month waiting period felt endless.

I was impressed by this smooth method taking care of so many different complaints. Even if there was no miracle immediate afterwards, I was thankful fo every day without pain. In the meantime many relatives and friends also benefited from my good experiences and also successfully received this treatment. And I can announce today that the last migraine attack was in January 2013!