A successful diagnosis is a prerequisite for any form of therapy. Various medical areas and extensive investigation are essential. First of all preliminary examinations of the blood are to evaluate. After further diagnostic procedures are to be selected.03

The diagnostic methods in detail:

Client history

The basic requirement is the personal interview.


Thermography is a non-contact and non-invasive process. Thermal imaging cameras give an efficient and visual impression of body temperature distribution. Body temperature is an important indicator of human health. We use thermography for the diagnosis of inflammatory components and to find areas of undersupply.

Victor® Vital Point Diagnostic

We use the Victor® Vital-point diagnosis as a valuable aid in the diagnosis and early detection in the context of prevention.

The reliable and reproducible determination of the energy state of the meridians, based on the traditional holistic medicine, with Victor makes it possible to detect problems early and to locate blockages. The interpretation of the measured values can provide information on safety and efficacy of medicines and food supplements. For example, different means can be tested against each other in order to individually select an optimum means.

Lüscher color test, the “X-ray image of the soul”

The Lüscher color test was developed by the Swiss Prof. Dr. Max Lüscher. The basis of the proven and scientifically recognized test was set in 1947 in his PhD thesis “Die Farbe als psychodiagnostisches Hilfsmittel” This thesis was evaluated by the professors of psychiatry, philosophy and psychology, “summa cum laude”.

Although it is subjective, what color we like best, there are emotions that are triggered by different colors. It is almost identical in all people. The test colors used were developed by Dr. Max Lüscher in many studies and physiological measurements over decades. They work regardless of culture, gender or age.

The colors assigned Lüscher following basic directions:

A person is always in mental health and balance when the four major self-feelings are inner satisfaction, self-esteem, self-confidence and inner freedom in balance. Regarding the Lüscher test, the unconscious feelings of self can be made visible. The Lüscher test is very complex. Nevertheless it requires only about ten minutes for the mere implementation of the full clinical trials. The test procedure and evaluation are objective. The method is scientifically valid, its validity has been confirmed by numerous studies.

The goal is to place the four self-feelings in a balanced relationship to each other and thereby produce a balance of the psyche.

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