Drug takes effect on human DNA

Spiegel Online reports that a single gene defect promotes the development of allergies: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/einzelner-gendefekt-foerdert-entstehung-von-allergien-a-912911.html

Here the interesting part: “The researchers report that a drug that is used as high blood pressure medicine for years, may be used for allergy treatments as well. The drug Losartan engages the signaling pathway of TGF-beta. Whether it actually helps with allergies has yet to be investigated.”

If so, then it would only be logical that any drug may have an influence on the DNA, and this should be indicated. In any case, this is further proof that DNA is changeable. ‘Der Spiegel’ reported in the past, that smoking only once in fact has an effect on the DNA.

So it begs the question, do we know enough about our drugs? The enclosed label of Losartan (Hennig) mentions the side effect that rarely the liver ALT value may increase. Transaminases increase with damage to the liver cells. Also it is stated that this side effect “is usually reversible after discontinuation of therapy”. In other words: we know that we do not know much.

Since life is a matter of compromising, the use of many drugs is helpful – no question. But what happens in our bodies besides to the desired changes. It is already really complicated when you look at the interactions with other medicine.

And if drugs can influence our DNA, what happens when eating food? What is caused by gene manipulated food and what happens in our body due to fast food. Whether it’s bad – we do not know!

But if drugs can have an effect on the human DNA, what also can change it? Thoughts? Sports? Massages?