Change of name

An atlas in a correct positon is a wonderful gift and an important requirement in order to bring the head and abdomen in line.

PuzzelMany years of atlas and health experience have created a large source of methods. To illustrate that the work in our practice is more than the atlas adjustment, we have changed our name to ATLASPRAXIS. Because we have not only the atlas and axis, but the whole person in mind…

A small case history can illustrate this nicely.

A woman came to the follow-up appointment, because like she said herself, “something does not seem to be in order in the cervical spine yet.”
The atlas was positioned correctly, but there was a severe strain on the right side of the neck. Experience  shows that this happens to people who are overly stressed due to trying to act always 100% correctly. On demand, the woman confirmed being like that. A relaxing massage brought improvement on the right side of the neck. Strangely, immediately the left side became tight. A brief conversation with the woman brought to light the following connection: The correct attitude towards herself and others had developed a long lived pattern (tension right). In case she gave less than 150%, guilt arose in her (bracing left). The woman in this case was not aware of this connection. Before the follow-up appointment, she felt helpless in regards to her tensions, without realizing which great influence her attitude towards living can have. After our appointment, she was symptom-free.