The treatment is determined individually for each patient and his life. Following treatment areas have proved:


We very much focus on Herbalists. In herbal medicine, one of the oldest therapies in general, natural substances are handled for heeling. The plants are used as a fresh plant, as a drug or as extracts, which can be further processed to teas, capsules, drops or ointments. Terms of efficacy, there are large differences in both the individual plants as well as the preparations. Generally, however, herbal supplements have a broad spectrum of activity and fewer side effects than synthetic drugs.


With the biomechanical muscle stimulation (BMS), more and more treatment options are discovered. The treatments in rehabilitation, sports and workout area occur in an uncomplicated, natural and highly effective way. The procedure is relatively new in Germany, it was developed by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Nazarov in the former Soviet Union about 50 years ago.

Depending on the clinical picture is works with a certain frequency and amplitude. So tangible and measurable results can be achieved directly after the treatment. BMS by Prof. Dr. Nasarovof leads through targeted modulation of the endogenous oscillation parameters. It has a positive effects on the circulatory and lymphatic systems and the interaction of peripheral and central nervous system. In contrast to the usual micro massage, which has long been known that exposure to strained or stretched muscles occurs at the BMS method along the muscle fiber. We thus achieve the deeper muscle groups and layers.

Dorn Therapy

The Dorn Therapy, also known as “Dorn Method” is a manual method and at the same time help for people to help themselves. It is a gentle method to compensate vertebral blockages and bad posture. At the same time muscular imbalances are resolved.

Immunotherapy according to Dr. Spengler

Anja and Gernot Flick have successfully completed the training course “Immunotherapy according to Dr. Spengler”. The complexity of our immune system was presented and an insight into the teaching according to Dr. Spengler given.

In addition to general knowledge about the human immune system, the use of Spenglersan Kolloid medication was demonstrated. The products for spraying on the skin are naturopathic medicines.

Dr. Carl Spengler worked for Dr. Robert Koch and founded his own medical clinic in Davos. His drugs are a mixture of antigens and antitoxins. This means that active and passive immunization takes place. Dr. Spengler’s first preparation in 1905 was a tuberculosis drug. Effective preparations against viruses and bacteria were later added, basically with the aim of strengthening one’s own immune system.

The Spenglersan Kolloid medication is therefore used in several ways. The training complements our previous work. 

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