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Gernot and Anja A. Flick have been trained at the Atlas Academy® (Switzerland). They offer the Atlasprofilax®-method by René-Claudius Schümperli.


“Nothing truly valuable grows out of ambition or sense of duty, but rather from love and loyality to human beings and things.” Albert Einstein

Everything rests on the Atlas, the first cervical vertebra

The first cervical vertebra, Atlas, is malrotated with mostly all human beings. Due to the malrotation, the spinal cord, various cerebral nerves and other nerve tracts can be exposed to constant pressure.

Today, we know and are aware of the meaning of the Atlas concerning our health and mental balance. It is the gate where cerebral nerves and finest nerve tract, veins, spinal cord and spinal fluid take their way from the foramen magnum. A malrotated Atlas inevitably leads to restriction, disturbed blood flow and reduced or false information flow between head and body. The natural balance is in disorder. Moreover, the gross defective position leads to problems concerning the whole backbone. Repercussions with muscles, eyes, ears, jaw-bone, nerves, circulation system, organs of equilibrium and interior organs are programmed. The spine also has to compensate the defective position of the Atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint.

Since each vertebra is connected with interior organs and emotional patterns, such a twist of our inner axis is also able to unbalance the psyche. However, having the Atlas in its natural position, the body can obtain a new dimension of health. That is the chance not only to walk upright, but also to experience an upright life. (Source:

Is the atlas in a false position?

Before the atlas adjustment we generally check, is the atlas in a false position? Is the atlas rotated left or right? Is it tilted left or right? We do manual standard tests, but also special tests. If the symptoms also indicate inflammation, we examine the area with thermography.


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