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In our clinic, we always combine the Atlasprofilax® method with naturopathic diagnoses and further therapeutic approaches. This means that we do not only focus on the first cervical vertebra, but the whole human being. If someone not only has a misplacement of the atlas, but other vertebrae are affected, this can lead to additional discomfort or increase existing symptoms. The reason: Our spine is in close connection with the internal organs. The spinal cord passing through the spine releases individual spinal nerves into corresponding segments of the spine and thus supplies our internal organs with information from the brain. In vertebral blockages, tensions or trigger points, the flow of information may be impaired and thus cause discomfort on the respective organ. Conversely, disorders in the organ can also be seen on the corresponding segment of the spine.

Cervical Spine
C1 (Atlas)Headache, migraine, high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, chronic fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, maxillofacial disorders, depression, fears, lack of basic trust
C2 (Axis)Dizziness, otolaryngology, eye disorders, tinnitus
C3Trigeminal neuralgia, neuralgia, nonspecific toothache, thyroid disease
C4Polyps, deafness, chronic runny nose
C5Sore throat, constant throat clearing, cold symptoms, neurological irritation in the arms, shoulder discomfort
C6Cough, shoulder discomfort
C7Bursal disease in the shoulder, fears, tendon sheath inflammation in forearm, falling fingers / hands
Thoracic Spine
Th1Neck tension, shoulder pain, forearm / hand, tendonitis, tennis elbow
Th2Complaints in the area heart / sternum, fears, arrhythmia
Th3Chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, bronchitis, cough, pleurisy, asthma
Th4Complaints in the bile, headache
Th5Liver disorders, low blood pressure, circulatory insufficiency, fatigue, arthritis
Th6Smptoms of stomach, pancreas, indigestion, heartburn
Th7Duodenal ulcer, stomach upset, hiccup, weakness
Th8Spleen problems, fatigue, food cravings for sweets
Th9Allergies, hives
Th10Kidney disease, insufficient salt secretion, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue
Th11Skin disorders, psoriasis
Th12Small bowel disease, bloating, rheumatism, growth disorders, infertility
Lumbar Spine
L1Discomfort in the colon, constipation, diarrhea
L2Cecal irritation, abdominal cramps, hyperacidity, varicose veins
L3Pregnancy symptoms, menstrual cramps, menopause problems, bladder problems, knee pain, impotence, bedwetting, sexual problems
L4Sciatica, lumbago, prostate disorders, painful or too frequent urination
L5Circulatory disorders of the lower legs and feet, cold feet, leg cramps, foot disorders
SacralSciatica, abdominal problems, chronic constipation, pain in legs and feet
CoccyxHemorrhoids, after-itching, pain while sitting

Download PDF: “The spine and its meaning

Therefore, in our clinic, in addition to the extensive testing around the Atlas, further diagnosis and other treatments are being offered:

Victor® Vital Point Diagnostic
Laboratory Medicine
BMS by Dr. Nassarow
Dorn Therapy, also known as “Dorn Method”
Immunotherapy according to Dr. Spengler
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