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We add the Thermography to our services. It is a non-contact and non-invasive process. Thermal imaging cameras give an efficient and visual impression of body temperature distribution. Body temperature is an important indicator of human health. We use thermography for the diagnosis of inflammatory components and to find areas of undersupply. The thermography helps us, […]

New Prices

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After almost 11 years we will now also adapt the price for the AtlasPROfilax application for kids. From January 1st 2015 on, the atlas realignment by René-C. Schümperli for kids until the age of 15 costs 160 Euro. The AtlasPROfilax application at an early stage is a big gift for every child and its development. […]

Frequencies help against muscle cramps

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  The “Spiegel” reported last week about the fact that frequencies hepl against muscle cramps. Researchers think they found something new ( However this is not new! We from the Atlaspraxis have been working successfully with the biomechanical muscle stimulation by Prof. Dr. Nazarov to release tension and prevent muscle cramps. The biomechanical muscle stimulation […]

The drama student Daniel Brach gave us a feedback after the Atlasprofilax application, which has touched our hearts. We are pleased that we were able to help him and would like to thank Daniel Brach!

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“Immediately after the adjustment, I had much better motor skills when it came to turning my head. Also, arms and shoulders felt “free”. Two weeks after the treatment I felt neck pain and had concerns regarding the treatment. However, these were my muscles that had to get used to the correction and this “pain” was […]

Since April 16th 2005 we offer the Atlasprofilax method in Hamburg. After 9 years, we now adjust the prices.

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The Atlasprofilax method is a massage technique. Adults are in need of two appointments (adjustment and massage). Kids do not require the second appointment. The costs for adults will be raised from 180 Euros to 220 Euros (adjustment and massage), children will still pay 120 Euros. The new prices will be effective starting July 1st […]

Corporate Identity

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There is no panacea. The way to health is sometimes like a puzzle. Our task is to find puzzle pieces for your health. The Atlasprofilax often is a piece. Our naturopathy is a further piece. For this reason, you can now find this symbol on all our websites, business cards, brochures … Our design reflects […]