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Newletter 01/22

The colon and its importance 

Our colon is very sensitive. Not only is it part of our immune system, but it also has many millions of nerve cells that are in direct contact with the brain. The icolon is therefore often referred to as our second brain. 

Basically, our immune system is made up of the mucous membranes, the thymus gland, the lymph nodes, the skin, the tonsils, the bone marrow, the spleen and the colon. And it plays a key role. Because hand on heart, do we eat in a way that is healthy for our body? 

And what actually is a healthy diet? This question is not so easy to answer. Although there are a few cornerstones that apply to all of us, as little sugar, alcohol, salt etc. as possible, nutrition is quite individual. An example of this is the so-called blood group nutrition. It is based on the experiences of the American naturopath Dr. Peter D’Adamo. In 1996 he presented a nutritional concept that is tailored to different human blood groups. 

Observations in our practice show that food intolerances in particular can often be identified and avoided in this way. 

However, if you consider that the colon not only supplies us with vital nutrients through its metabolic function, but also stores our emotions and memories through the millions of nerve cells, then our colon deserves special attention. 

Dr. Jörn Reckel made his job. In his more than 35 years as a doctor in private practice, he recognized the importance of the colon early on. In 1995, together with my wife and a friend, he founded the private clinic “BIMEDICAL – Praxisgemeinschaft für Ganzheitliche Medizin und Naturheilverfahren” in Ahrensburg/Schleswig-Holstein with a focus on micro-ecological therapy. Since the beginning of 2021, he has further specialized and now runs a private clinic. One of his focal points is chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. 

So that it doesn’t get that far in the first place, we would like to encourage you to take care of your colon. If you are still suffering from intestinal problems, we often recommend a so-called flora status as a first step. This is a stool sample test and it includes parameters that tell us if the intestinal flora is healthy. If it is not, we would be happy to advise you. We do not advise taking any intestinal preparations out of the blue. Because if your intestinal flora is healthy, you can weaken it with the wrong medication. 

Basically, there are many drugs that put a strain on our colon. Here, too, the flora status makes sense. 

Florastatus for women:

Florastatus for men:

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The flora status is carried out by you personally at home according to instructions. 

Even if we have built up a good knowledge of the subject of intestines over the years, we are still very grateful for the many years of friendly cooperation with Dr. Jörn Reckel. If it gets complicated, we are happy to make the connection and find a way out of the intestinal problems together. 

Dr. Jörn Reckel has summarized his many years of experience on a new website. Here you will find extensive valuable information on the subject of “intestines“:

For example, you can read everything about the “intestinal ecosystem” here:

In connection with the atlas correction, which also has an influence on the intestine via the vegetative component, and an individually worked out intestinal structure, we hope to be able to support your health. 

Corona and the colon

The corona pandemic demands a lot from us! First and foremost the severe COVID-19 diseases themselves, the fear of the virus, but also the things that Corona is doing to us mentally and economically. 

While there are some winners from this crisis, many are currently struggling to survive and are suffering financial losses. Our colon also get this stress! It is all the more important that we take care of him now. 

In addition, all the necessary measures, wearing a mask, hygiene measures, etc., mean that our immune system is no longer “trained” enough. However, our immune system must constantly come into contact with bacteria and viruses so that it learns and is prepared “for emergencies“. 

There is an innate defense and an acquired defense. The foundation stone for the acquired defense was laid in infancy. But this has to be trained. In principle, this can be compared to the human muscle. If he is not trained, it forms back. 

If a COVID-19 disease occurs, your own immune system is crucial in addition to medical care. However, since we have to take measures to protect ourselves from COVID-19, nutrition, exercise in the fresh air and our intestines are currently of central importance. 

So let’s give it the care it deserves today.

Early childhood reflexes 

The atlas adjustment according to René-C. Schümpleri helps with postural problems. After the correction, the spine straightens. But, sometimes unresolved early childhood reflexes result in this process being blocked. Then Mrs Bärbel Hölscher can help. She has a lot of experiences in this area and she offers web seminars on the subject. If you are interested, please click on this link:

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