Patient satisfaction

We have evaluated our feedbacks over the last few years. 2786 patients handed us an detailed feedback. Of these, 1162 patients (41.71%) stated that we had positively changed their lives (5 stars). We’re really glad! 1133 patients (40.67%) were very satisfied (4 stars), 444 patients (15.94%) were satisfied, and 41 patients (1.47%) were dissatisfied (1 star) with us. 6 patients (0.22%) gave neutral feedbacks (2 stars).

One of our mentors once said that there is no such thing as 100% in medicine. Except maybe in the case of pregnancy. And so, we didn’t manage to help everyone who came to us. But from time to time we evaluate our database, also with regard to symptoms, to see where and how we can help.

This is helpful, because sometimes we cannot help and then we are very happy that we have a good network of doctors and alternative practitioners with whom we work closely and in a friendly manner.

Overall, we are pleased that we were able to help the majority of our patients! We continue to strive to free you from chronic pain and other symptoms.

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