Case study: “There’s always a solution“

In July 2014, the 47 year-old Andrea S. came into our practice. She suffered from extreme muscle spasms with tic in the area of the upper cervical spine. At this point in time, the patient was hardly able to master her daily routine due to these symptoms. She was neither able to move freely without help, nor could she manage the household or drive by car.

Both the attending neurologist and the attending orthopedist were very trying. The medicine for muscle relaxation prescribed by the neurologist only had limited effect. Finally, the diagnosis was “dystonia of the cervical muscles“ which only was to be embanked in the opinion of the medical doctors with related botox injections into the according muscle area. The patient was advised to apply for early retirement pension and to come to terms with her condition.

In her own words, this was a “shattering prediction“ for Andrea S. which she couldn’t really accept. She started doing her own research and found a hint to our practice within a dystonia forum.

Among others, a dystonia of the short neck muscles, a slight pelvic obliquity, several trigger points in the area of the upper cervical and thoracic spine as well as a shift of the atlanto-occipital joint became apparent in the first appointment.

During the date, suspicion grew that also intoxications could be relevant. The patient had done a amalgam restoration in November 2013 which led to a deterioration of the symptoms. Moreover, she worked in the food production. On enquiry, it appeared that there had been problems there. It’s possible that the patient came in touch with Clostridiumbotulinum there, a germ that’s spread all over the world. This by itself rather harmless germ can produce an effective poison (botox) under beneficial conditions, e.g. within contaminated tinned food. (Ironically, this was exactly the approach of the medical doctors to inject this toxin as botox injection into the respective muscle area.)

In the first step, we decided to perform the AtlasPROfilax application. At the same time, a bioresonance test showed that Andrea S. had come in touch with Clostridiumbotulinum. Hence, we asked her to take a supplement for detoxication (CurSiMag) and bittern (Multiplasan Mineralstoffkomplex 17).

Within three weeks the tics as well as the extreme muscle tension reduced noticeable, but still didn’t disappear completely. Eight weeks later, Andrea S. was already able again to drive short distances by car and to manage her daily routine.

On October 30th 2014 Andrea S. said: “AtlasPROfilax definitely was the breakthrough for me. I still react to certain food, but indeed my circular flow keeps stable and my body doesn’t react so strongly. I still like to think back to the conversations I had with Mrs. Flick. She has given enormous support to me and I’m still very interested in the technique of realigning the atlas… I most kindly thank you for your words and actions.“

This is again a case that shows how complex the reasons for symptoms can be set. Andrea S. said to us during one session: “I took heart again from your words saying that there’s always a solution. Then I started again to believe in myself!“

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