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Digital vision damage

Young people (14-29 years old) spend 4.5 hours a day online! That harms the cervical spine! With a head tilt of about 15 degrees – such as when reading e-mails on the phone – about 13 kilos load on the spine.

Furthermore, the high proportion of blue light of the LED screens promotes age-related macular degeneration.

Our eyes like the change between far and near vision. However, by looking at displays for a long time we force our eyes to work permanently in near vision mode. The consequence is myopia.

One speaks of computer vision syndrome (CVS), office eye syndrome and „digital Sehstress“. In addition to the eye problems, this leads to head, neck and shoulder pain.

The atlas adjustment can help. Nevertheless, a change of thinking is required.

Sources: Kuratorium Gutes Sehen e.V. and NDR

Podcast with coach Thomas Reich

This podcast with coach Thomas Reich is only available in German.

Andrea Süßmuth talks about Atlasprofilax

Andrea Süßmuth talks about her experience with the Atlasprofilax method by René-C. Schümperli. She suffered from neck pain and spasms. Today she is doing much better. That makes us very happy and we would like to thank Mrs Süßmuth for sharing this. (Video only available in German.)


An article titled “Atlas-Therapie: So werden wir Schmerzen los” has been published in the MEINS magazine in 2015. The MEINS-Managing Editor Stephanie Gottmann was treated and describes her experience with the Atlasprofilax method.

Find the article here (In German only)

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Atlasprofilax in

The article “Gesundheit ist eine Frage der Haltung” was currently published in the

Dr. Carpenos on Atlasprofilax

Chiropractor Dr. Carpenos from Connetcticut (USA) is talking about his experience with Atlasprofilax.

Thanks to our colleague and friend Vladimir Tomljenovic.

Orthodontist Dr. Michael Mew on Atlasprofilax

The Orthodontist Dr. Michael Mew from London (UK) is talking about Atlasprofilax and his impressions at the 2015 International Meeting of Qualified Atlasprofs in Hamburg, Germany.

After the atlas adjustment

Three people describe their first impression after the atlas adjustment:

Clients after the atlas adjustment

AtlaspraxisAtlasprofilaxDeOn the official Atlasprofilax® website clients speak about their experience with the atlas adjustment, here is one of them:

“Living with a mal-rotated atlas is like limping all your life. Once the atlas is corrected, not only does your physical body get back in balance, you don’t limp anymore, but your life energy starts to finally flow freely, and therefore opens up your spiritual channels, so you can see more, feel more, experience more. My personal experience, after the AtlasPROfilax correction is that I feel like I finally returned home!”
Pianist from Europe

A healthy life


A healthy life includes exercises, a healthy diet, avoiding stress, joy of living and we also think AtlasPROfilax, the atlas adjustment by René-C. Schümperli.

Read more

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Mobile phone damages the cervical spine

HandyhaltungkleinThose who read a lot on their smartphone or tablet, will very likely suffer pain in the neck area. This phenomenon even became a name in Germany: “Handynacken”.

A US study demonstrated that an approximately four to six-pound adult head at an angle of approximately 15 degrees puts an additional 13 kilos force to the spine, when reading emails on mobile phone.

The human cervical spine is not made for this long-term stress. There is a great force on the muscles due to the significant downward sloping angle in the neck area. Also, the entire shoulder-arm system suffers.

This can get can even worse when the first cervical vertebra (atlas) is not in its healthy position. It can than cause dizziness and / or headaches.

Thank you for you feedback

We ask our patients to give us a feedback (Link) after 2 months and we ask for a rating (How satisfied are you with the result of the method?). We are very grateful that we were able to help so many people. Here is the evaluation.


Values in %.

Case study: “There’s always a solution“

In July 2014, the 47 year-old Andrea S. came into our practice. She suffered from extreme muscle spasms with tic in the area of the upper cervical spine. At this point in time, the patient was hardly able to master her daily routine due to these symptoms. She was neither able to move freely without help, nor could she manage the household or drive by car.

Both the attending neurologist and the attending orthopedist were very trying. The medicine for muscle relaxation prescribed by the neurologist only had limited effect. Finally, the diagnosis was “dystonia of the cervical muscles“ which only was to be embanked in the opinion of the medical doctors with related botox injections into the according muscle area. The patient was advised to apply for early retirement pension and to come to terms with her condition.

In her own words, this was a “shattering prediction“ for Andrea S. which she couldn’t really accept. She started doing her own research and found a hint to our practice within a dystonia forum.

Among others, a dystonia of the short neck muscles, a slight pelvic obliquity, several trigger points in the area of the upper cervical and thoracic spine as well as a shift of the atlanto-occipital joint became apparent in the first appointment.

During the date, suspicion grew that also intoxications could be relevant. The patient had done a amalgam restoration in November 2013 which led to a deterioration of the symptoms. Moreover, she worked in the food production. On enquiry, it appeared that there had been problems there. It’s possible that the patient came in touch with Clostridiumbotulinum there, a germ that’s spread all over the world. This by itself rather harmless germ can produce an effective poison (botox) under beneficial conditions, e.g. within contaminated tinned food. (Ironically, this was exactly the approach of the medical doctors to inject this toxin as botox injection into the respective muscle area.)

In the first step, we decided to perform the AtlasPROfilax application. At the same time, a bioresonance test showed that Andrea S. had come in touch with Clostridiumbotulinum. Hence, we asked her to take a supplement for detoxication (CurSiMag) and bittern (Multiplasan Mineralstoffkomplex 17).

Within three weeks the tics as well as the extreme muscle tension reduced noticeable, but still didn’t disappear completely. Eight weeks later, Andrea S. was already able again to drive short distances by car and to manage her daily routine.

On October 30th 2014 Andrea S. said: “AtlasPROfilax definitely was the breakthrough for me. I still react to certain food, but indeed my circular flow keeps stable and my body doesn’t react so strongly. I still like to think back to the conversations I had with Mrs. Flick. She has given enormous support to me and I’m still very interested in the technique of realigning the atlas… I most kindly thank you for your words and actions.“

This is again a case that shows how complex the reasons for symptoms can be set. Andrea S. said to us during one session: “I took heart again from your words saying that there’s always a solution. Then I started again to believe in myself!“

Frequencies help against muscle cramps


AtlaspraxisBehandlungThe “Spiegel” reported last week about the fact that frequencies hepl against muscle cramps. Researchers think they found something new ( However this is not new! We from the Atlaspraxis have been working successfully with the biomechanical muscle stimulation by Prof. Dr. Nazarov to release tension and prevent muscle cramps. The biomechanical muscle stimulation operates with frequencies and is based on decades of research.

Follow-up care after the atlas adjustment

AtlaspraxisPlayThere is a new video showing the follow-up care after the atlas adjustment (Atlasprofilax by R.-C. Schümperli); unfortunately is it only available in German:

The drama student Daniel Brach gave us a feedback after the Atlasprofilax application, which has touched our hearts. We are pleased that we were able to help him and would like to thank Daniel Brach!

“Immediately after the adjustment, I had much better motor skills when it came to turning my head. Also, arms and shoulders felt “free”.

Two weeks after the treatment I felt neck pain and had concerns regarding the treatment. However, these were my muscles that had to get used to the correction and this “pain” was part of the healing process.

I was approached many times after the adjustment and people noticed me “walking straight” and that I was more present.

After four weeks, the “pain” moved, but I felt secure, because there was a change happening. During this time, a surge of emotions came up, which was very confusing, but beautiful at the same time. Since an eternity I was not able to feel those intense emotions. My body feelings and my consciousness became clearer.

Now, two months later I am happy I decided to go for the atlas adjustment and I must really say that I ‘m more than happy and grateful for this decision.

It did much more for me than “just” the resolution of tensions and headaches. It sparked emotional and mental barriers and offers a solution for me to work on myself. I feel as if I now participate much more actively in life.

Again, heartfelt thanks to Gernot and Anja Flick! My gratitude can hardly be put into words. I thank them for caring, but also for their lovely personalities. I wish the two of them only the best for their future. They deserve it!”

Since April 16th 2005 we offer the Atlasprofilax method in Hamburg. After 9 years, we now adjust the prices.

The Atlasprofilax method is a massage technique. Adults are in need of two appointments (adjustment and massage). Kids do not require the second appointment. The costs for adults will be raised from 180 Euros to 220 Euros (adjustment and massage), children will still pay 120 Euros. The new prices will be effective starting July 1st 2014.

Field report

We like to thank the author: Sylva Werner

“Migraine? – Atlaspraxis!”

“Children do not have headaches!” This sentence in the year 1955 was the beginning of a longlasting martyrdom over decades. My teachers and school friends accused me as being a quitter (in Mathematics and other subjects) and a killjoy. My relatives advised me to pull myself together and doctors of various faculties accused me of simulating.

The general lack of understanding ended up in my retreat on the one hand and on the other hand it led to hide these horriable attacks of pain in front of all people – even to the ones I love. This is obviously not an appropriate way to deal with it and certainly not to get rid of it . In fact, the opposite is the case! My consumption of painkillers took on alarming proportions, as well as the expenditure on a number of alternative healing methods.

After a bad fall directly on the head in 2002 my condition got dramaticaly worse. The migraine attacks became daily. I spent astronomical sums of money on any kind of relief, however at the end I did not even believe anything would help anyway.
A good friend confronted me one day with the ability to get my atlas, the first cervical vertebra, adjusted. I hurried to get an appointment and the three month waiting period felt endless.

I was impressed by this smooth method taking care of so many different complaints. Even if there was no miracle immediate afterwards, I was thankful fo every day without pain. In the meantime many relatives and friends also benefited from my good experiences and also successfully received this treatment. And I can announce today that the last migraine attack was in January 2013!


“With an Atlas treatment one has an effect on very deep areas of the brain and on ones personality.”



Atlasprofilax can help

“The Atlas therapy is no nonsense, there is evidence that it can help, even there is no clear scientific prove. But this is true with many therapeutic procedures.”