We add the Thermography to our services. It is a non-contact and non-invasive process. Thermal imaging cameras give an efficient and visual impression of body temperature distribution. Body temperature is an important indicator of human health. We use thermography for the diagnosis of inflammatory components and to find areas of undersupply.

Your health is the goal.

In our clinic, we always combine the Atlasprofilax® method with naturopathic diagnoses and further therapeutic approaches. This means that we do not only focus on the first cervical vertebra, but the whole human being. If someone not only has a misplacement of the atlas, but other vertebrae are affected, this can lead to additional discomfort or increase existing symptoms. The reason: Our spine is in close connection with the internal organs. The spinal cord passing through the spine releases individual spinal nerves into corresponding segments of the spine and thus supplies our internal organs with information from the brain. In vertebral blockages, tensions or trigger points, the flow of information may be impaired and thus cause discomfort on the respective organ. Conversely, disorders in the organ can also be seen on the corresponding segment of the spine.

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