Corona Antibody Test 

The corona antibody tests have made progress in the last few months. Even if doctors do not yet agree on how many antibodies are necessary to ensure adequate protection against COVID-19 disease, it is at least a decision-making aid. It should be borne in mind that the vaccine effect wears off over time and this is currently unsettling a lot of people. Especially since there is no experience with the booster vaccination, which means we do not yet know how long this protection will last. Even those who have recovered often ask themselves after a certain period of time whether they still have protection?

And even if these antibody tests should be viewed with a certain amount of caution, they are especially recommended for people who have an immune deficiency or who are taking drugs that reduce the function of the immune system (immunosuppressants).

Doctors and pharmacies offer antibody tests. Our partner laboratory offers an antibody test that you can do in the comfort of your home. Only a small amount of blood is required for the test and the test procedure using a lancet is identical to that used to determine the sugar level for a diabetic.

The antibody test should be carried out at the earliest 3 weeks after a corona infection / vaccination. It is not a substitute for the corona determination or medical diagnosis or treatment.

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Immunotherapy according to Dr. Spengler

Anja and Gernot Flick have successfully completed the training course “Immunotherapy according to Dr. Spengler”. The complexity of our immune system was presented and an insight into the teaching according to Dr. Spengler given.

In addition to general knowledge about the human immune system, the use of Spenglersan Kolloid medication was demonstrated. The products for spraying on the skin are naturopathic medicines.

Dr. Carl Spengler worked for Dr. Robert Koch and founded his own medical clinic in Davos. His drugs are a mixture of antigens and antitoxins. This means that active and passive immunization takes place. Dr. Spengler’s first preparation in 1905 was a tuberculosis drug. Effective preparations against viruses and bacteria were later added, basically with the aim of strengthening one’s own immune system.

The Spenglersan Kolloid medication is therefore used in several ways. The training complements our previous work. 

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