Daniel Brach talks about the atlas adjustment

The acting student Daniel Brach sent us feedback after the Atlasprofilax application that touched our hearts. We are happy that we were able to help and thank Daniel Brach very much.

“Immediately after the application, I noticed better motor skills when it came to turning my head. Arms and shoulders could also be moved “more freely”.

Two weeks after the treatment, I experienced neck pain and had concerns about the treatment. However, these were my muscles that had to get used to the correction, and this “pain” was part of the healing process.

During that time I was asked about my sudden “straight gait” and that I seemed much more present than before the application. After four weeks the “pain” wandered, which I have now looked at positively, as this was the certainty that something would happen there. During this time, a flood of emotions followed, which was very confusing, but nice at the same time, because I haven’t noticed emotions so intensely for what felt like an eternity. My feeling for my own body and my consciousness became clearer over time.

It has now been over two months since I decided to do the atlas correction, and I really have to say that I am more than happy and grateful for this decision.

It did a lot more for me than “just” relieved tension and headaches. It released emotional and mental barriers and offers me a basis on which I can work with myself again. I feel like I am participating in life more intensely now.

Thanks again to Gernot and Anja Flick! My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

Not only a huge thank you for the incredibly warm care, but also for the loving personalities behind the name. I wish both of them the best possible for the future. You more than deserve it! “

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