The drama student Daniel Brach gave us a feedback after the Atlasprofilax application, which has touched our hearts. We are pleased that we were able to help him and would like to thank Daniel Brach!

“Immediately after the adjustment, I had much better motor skills when it came to turning my head. Also, arms and shoulders felt “free”.

Two weeks after the treatment I felt neck pain and had concerns regarding the treatment. However, these were my muscles that had to get used to the correction and this “pain” was part of the healing process.

I was approached many times after the adjustment and people noticed me “walking straight” and that I was more present.

After four weeks, the “pain” moved, but I felt secure, because there was a change happening. During this time, a surge of emotions came up, which was very confusing, but beautiful at the same time. Since an eternity I was not able to feel those intense emotions. My body feelings and my consciousness became clearer.

Now, two months later I am happy I decided to go for the atlas adjustment and I must really say that I ‘m more than happy and grateful for this decision.

It did much more for me than “just” the resolution of tensions and headaches. It sparked emotional and mental barriers and offers a solution for me to work on myself. I feel as if I now participate much more actively in life.

Again, heartfelt thanks to Gernot and Anja Flick! My gratitude can hardly be put into words. I thank them for caring, but also for their lovely personalities. I wish the two of them only the best for their future. They deserve it!”